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Driving instructions to Eteläranta cabin

Address: Kurenniementie 61 B
58900 Rantasalmi, Finland

How to reach Eteläranta from route 5:

- At Juva take road number 14 toward Savonlinna. Drive for 29 km and take a left turn to Rantasalmi

- Drive for 12 km to Rantasalmi. Continue driving toward Varkaus for 0.7 km. Take a right turn at the junction to Mustalahti and Asikkala.

- Drive for 7 km and take a right turn to Hovintie road

- Drive for about 1 km and turn left to the Ketveleentie road before the hotel Ruusuhovi.

- After about 1.4 km take a left turn to the Kurenniementie road.

- Drive along for 0.6 km and take a right turn - you should see some blue signposts soon. The map on the right shows the detailed way to the cabin.

Driving instructions to Mäntyranta cabin

Address: Malkkilantie 129
Heinävesi, Finland.

Take the Malkkilantie road from Heinävesi to Viljolahti. At Malkkilantie 129, south of Jyrkylinjoki, take a turn to the forest truck road marked with a blue sign.

Drive for 0.4 km and take a right turn at the next blue signpost.

Drive for 0.3 km until you reach the Mäntyranta cabin by lake Jyrkylinjärvi.

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