Terms of bookingTerms of booking

OJM Invest Oy (OJM-Lomat, OJM Holidays)

Entering a contract

OJM INVEST OY (OJM-Lomat, OJM Holidays (hereinafter "OJM INVEST")) adheres to the following terms in its cabin holiday services. These terms become binding to both of the parties once the customer has settled the holiday deposit specified below to OJM INVEST, or made a single payment of both the holiday deposit and the full payment as specified in the terms of contract.

Holiday deposit and full payment

The customer will receive an invoice for paying the holiday deposit. The holiday deposit is 20% of the full rent or a separately agreed fee. The full payment is the full rent deducted by the holiday deposit. The booking is considered as confirmed, when the customer pays the holiday deposit by the due date, or makes a single payment of both the holiday deposit and the full payment by the holiday deposit due date. The full payment must be paid by the due date for the full payment.

Cancellation of booking

The customer must cancel booking in writing (a letter or an email) to OJM INVEST. The cancellation becomes valid at the point in time when OJM INVEST receives the written notification. As a general rule, OJM INVEST keeps the payments already paid by the time of cancellation. However, if the customer cancels not later than 4 weeks before the agreed beginning of the rental period, the customer will be refunded the full payment if it is paid already. If we can re-let the cabin to another customer, you will be refunded to the extent of the rent charged from the new customer, however, not more than the original full payment.

OJM INVEST is entitled to cancelling the booking in case of a force majeure event (specified below). In case of a force majeure event, OJM INVEST shall refund all payments made by the customer in full, in which case the customer has no right to make any other claims to OJM INVESTMENT. Should the customer fail to pay the full payment, OJM INVEST is entitled to cancel the booking. Cancelling by OJM INVEST will be notified to the customer in writing (an email or a letter). If the stay must be interrupted because of the customer's disturbing behaviour, OJM INVEST shall not refund any payments to the customer.

The customer has the right to cancel the booking and receive refund, the holiday deposit deducted, if cancellation is due to an acute illness, a serious accident, or death of the customer or a member of the customer's shared household. Cancellation must be notified to OJM INVEST without delay, and a reliable document of the incident must be included (a medical certificate etc.).

During the stay

Should there be any faults or shortages, the customer must report them to OJM INVEST immediately. The cabin shall be used by no more than the maximum number of people as indicated in the cabin details (number of beds), or as otherwise agreed when booking. Using a tent or a caravan on the property is forbidden without OJM INVEST's approval. Smoking is not allowed anywhere indoors.

Compensation for damages and force majeure

The customer is liable for compensating any damage inflicted to the property, movable goods included, to OJM INVEST.

OJM INVEST shall not compensate to the customer any damages caused by force majeure events or other unexpected events, such as natural phenomena, fire, power failure, water network failure, other failure, contaminated water, etc., which are not caused by OJM INVEST and the consequences of which OJM INVEST cannot reasonably prevent. In addition, OJM INVEST is not liable for compensating for damages or consequences of normal natural phenomena.

Customer's liabilities

The customer's activities on the holiday site, its surroundings, the waters and on the frozen lake are at their own risk. OJM INVEST requires that the customer has the necessary experience and training for using the boats, outboard motors, canoes, kayaks, fishing equipment and other equipment, devices and vehicles available at the property. OJM INVEST does not provide training for using the above mentioned equipment and devices, and is not liable for damages caused by the above mentioned equipment and devices.

Governing law and place of jurisdiction in case of disputes

The parties to the contract will try to settle any disputes by mutual negotiations. Should the negotiations fail, disputes are settled in the District Court of Helsinki or another court in Finland. The contract is governed by Finnish law.